Check On Your Car in Abilene, TX

Make sure your car is in good shape with a vehicle inspection

By getting a vehicle inspection, you can make sure that all components of your car are up to par and working the way they're supposed to. My Mechanic of Abilene conducts inspections for affordable rates. If a problem is found with your make and model of car, a national call for inspections will go out.

We can complete the inspection you need to make sure that you're safe and sound in your car. We're licensed to perform state inspections on both automobiles and motorcycles. In the state of Texas, you need to get an annual inspection.

Call 325-701-9513 now to schedule a vehicle inspection in Abilene, TX.

Get a motorcycle inspection to evaluate your bike

Motorcycles need the right amount of maintenance and tune-ups to stay in decent condition. You'll also need to get a motorcycle inspection in the event of a recall. We go off the state checklist to make sure that your motorcycle meets all the requirements.

During your motorcycle inspection, we'll check your:

Wheel assembly

Exhaust system

Braking system




License plate lamp

and more..