Shop Bios

David G

David is our shop manager, and is responsible for our day to day operations. He has over 6 years experience in the automotive field and is ready to assist our customers at any time.

Cody D

Cody is the Service Advisor. He works hard to greet you when you arrive, schedule your work in a timely manner and get it to the right automotive specialist. He also is our State Inpection Specialist.

Josh L

Josh is our youngest auto technician with over seven years experience in diagnosing and vehicle repair. He is always ready to satisfy our customers with quick and reliable service.

Chris G

Chris has over 28 years experience diagnosing and repairing vehicles of all types. His experience is important, especially in diagnostic work. He is certified in many areas.

Galen N

Galen has over 7 years of experience as an auto technician. He is a Certified HVAC Specialist-ready to take care of our customers.

Drew J

Drew has been diagnosing and repairing vehicles from age 17. This 12 years of experience has proven especially important when we face complicated repair issues, including electrical issues. He is a Certified State Inspector. Due to Drew's extensive, on-hands training, he also works as shop foreman to assist all to continue helping My Mechanic strive for great customer service.